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Life Drawing and Animation Submission and Showreel

Reflective Statement - Fantastic Voyage

Throughout this project I have struggled with time management and motivation to create something. I'm not overly proud of my final as I feel that I could have defiantly done more to really push it and ultimately make it feel like a more refined and finished animation. My final animation should have included more 3D models to achieve a animation that feels more alive and to add more interest and movement to my work. I could have also linked up some of the smaller animations on screen with the music to really push the movement and the feeling that the cells are alive and linked to a living creature.

Part of my feedback was to not have pages full of text and to slow down parts of the animation to allow to audience to take in the information with better ease. This is something that I feel like I really need to get better at fixing and I should learn to plan through more thumbnails and storyboards to figure out ways to cleverly display information through graphic design.

Through doing …

'Art Of' Fantastic Voyage

Mitosis - Fantastic Voyage